I thought Black and Gold WERE matching colours?

Oscars are over.   This year, they’ve just left me wondering why every year I get so hyped up about seeing all the movies and watching the show.   If it wasn’t for Twitter this year, I probably would have packed it in early and went to bed without seeing Argo win Best Picture.  In fact, I probably would have gone to bed right around the time that a stuffed teddy bear named Ted came out and presented an award. 

Were there any big shockers?  Not for me.  Well, except for when Jennifer Lawrence fell on the stairs to the stage to accept her award.   Poor kid.   As if winning an Oscar wasn’t enough of a career-killer.

The few high points:  An appearance by Babs, singing  with that VOICE “The Way We Were” in honour of late composer Marvin Hamlisch, awesome (albeit some speculation about some of them being lip-synced) performances by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Hudson.  My personal moment of glee was for Ang Lee and his win as Best Director of “Life of Pi”, which many said could not be transformed into a movie, yet he did an almost magical job of doing so and deserved to win.  Daniel Day-Lewis submitted his resume for next year’s hosting duties in his Best Actor speech, which was far more amusing than anything Seth and his writers came up with all night.  

Some of the low points:  Host Seth MacFarlane’s song about boob exposure (not the way I’D have chosen to open the show), an appearance by Ted the “teddy” bear to present an award with Mark Walberg and his jokes about orgies and Jews,  Adele performed “Skyfall” and most of the world was duly impressed, but I felt that her voice was and is capable of a much more powerful performance than the one she gave, depending on your sense of humour, Jennifer Lawrence’s tumble up the stairs to collect her Best Actress award may have been a high or a low point, and then let’s not forget the satellite appearance from the White House of First Lady Michelle Obama to cyber-present the Best Picture award for Argo.    This is problematic on so many levels – do the Obamas REALLY want to be associated with awarding a movie that they’ve already been accused of politically supporting?   My other problem with Mrs. Obama’s appearance is that it seems to me to be a thinly-veiled attempt to “colour up” the Oscars, which normally are a very white-washed production.   Just look at the in-house audience.   Aside from nominees Denzel Washington and Quevenzhane Wallis, there were no other black nominees.   There were a handful of black women in the audience and program – Halle Berry, Octavia Spencer, Queen Latifah, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Hudson – but a severe shortage of talented and successful black men, aside from Denzel and Jamie Foxx (who was also short-changed by his lack of a nomination for his performance in “Django Unchained” while his WHITE co-star Christoph Waltz WON for his performance).   In fact, percentage-wise, the African American community was grossly under-represented last night, in all areas.   So what better way for the Academy to avoid criticism of this fact than to have the wife of the most powerful leader of the free world put in an appearance to confirm that even SHE isn’t troubled by the lack of African Americans in the Academy?   Sorry Academy and producers of the show – that just doesn’t cut it.  

It saddens me that there are not more talented and powerful black members of the Academy.   Why aren’t there?  

Last night wasn’t the WORST Academy Awards show I’ve seen (I can barely stand to recall the travesty of the one co-hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco, or the one hosted by David Letterman) but it certainly wasn’t the show it could have been, either. Only 364 days left until the next one…let’s hope some change is gonna come.


4 thoughts on “I thought Black and Gold WERE matching colours?

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  2. I’ve come to think of the Oscars as I think of New Year’s Eve. Lots of hype leading up to the night, generally over-rated and laced with some disappointment but appealing enough to keep my hanging on to the hope that next year’s will be vastly better. Oh…and it’s much better when shared with some friends over unhealthy snacks!

  3. How many starving children in the world could have been fed with all the money that was put into the red carpet shindig?? Hmmm something to think about………

    • Something else to think about: How many starving children could be fed with all the money put into buying and furnishing our homes? What about all those clothes and shoes and vacations and manicures and….? We are ALL, by our very nature, selfish and near-sighted creatures. The times we happen to notice others should be for helping some, instead of judging others. Forgive the preachy tone. I am you…..except more tired, and jaded.

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