Not Letting Success go to my Head

Well, it has been an exciting day around here.  It all started on the drive home from school with my daughter.   Got a tweet from HELLO??? Erica Ehm???  Telling me I’ve had a blog posted on HuffPost Canada.   Little did she know (until now, possibly) I’m such a techie doorknob that I had to come into the house and open my laptop to view the link she tweeted to my first (or so I thought) online publication, despite having a Blackberry in my hand.


First of all, Erica Ehm knows my name.  I’ve thought that she was cool since I watched her back in the day on MuchMusic (No, I’m not trying to kiss ass).   She was smart and cool back then, and then become an even more cool mompreneur with her website   A site that I have enjoyed for the past couple of years and have made a few attempts to try and get published on.   (In fact, I’m really hoping they take me on as their new blogger…I know, shameless self-promotion moment.)

So, not even recovered from the personal tweet from the fab Ms. Ehm and I click on her link to find MY blog shining it’s lovely face at me from The Huff-ing-freakin-ton Post!  I was in shock.   I think my reply to her tweet sums it up: “Holy Crap!  What? When? Where? Why? How?  I’m in shock!  Yippeeee!!  Wait – do I get paid for that?  :  )- lol  Thank you!!”.  

She probably thought I was joking and just acting exuberant, but she thankfully answered me seriously and explained that YMC ( had a channel on HuffPostCanada where YMC highlights some of their “fav” posts. 

Whhaaaaatttt?  I had never been published on YMC!!  What was she talking about?  Did she just say “FAV post” about MY blog???  And aren’t channels only on TV?   I am so out of my comfort zone!!!

So, my complete newbieness in the whole online publishing world aside, I quickly discovered that yes in fact, YMC HAD published a blog I had submitted to them months ago.

I have no idea when it was published (oh shit – does that mean I’m not really YMC material because I don’t read every article that they publish every day?  Even when they’re my OWN articles?)

Did I mention I was in shock?  Yes, I had started this mommyblog with the intention of trying to get cyber-famous and make tonnes of money from it, but I really haven’t been at this very long and never expected to appear on (do cool cyber-people say “on” or “in” when they’re referring to their online publications?) YummyMummyClub or The Huffington Post after only a few months. 

Now keep in mind I had just arrived home with my daughter, who really doesn’t give a rats about my blog or Erica Ehm (although she did repeat her name and chuckled at it a number of times when she overheard me telling my dad that she was the CEO of and she has no idea what HuffPost is.  So, I opened her lunchbox and pulled out what she didn’t eat today and served it up as her snack, while I got down to the business of calling everyone I know to tell them I’VE BEEN PUBLISHED ON YUMMYMUMMYCLUB AND HUFFINGTON POST!!!!!

First, the husband.  He was duly impressed.  He would be more impressed if money came with it, but he is slowly becoming enthusiastic about “my little hobby” because he is starting to see that some people do actually get paid for writing stuff online if enough people dig them.  

Next, my BFF.  Who of course works from home on Tuesdays and was on a conference call.  Sheesh.  I left her a message and moved on.

Another good friend.  Called her at home AND her cell, despite previous comments by her that people who do that could potentially be categorized as “stalkers” in her mind if they called all her numbers if it wasn’t urgent.  I stopped before her office number.  Damn!  Who else could I call and get unabashed enthusiasm from?

Parents!  They LOVE stuff like this.  My mom answered the phone.   “Mom, guess what?!?  I had one of my blogs published on AND The Huffington Post!!!”   Mom:  “You wrote a song that they published for a hungry mom who got huffy about it?”  (She’s not even 65 yet, but she’s got a little hearing loss.)  I started over – No mom, Huffington Post.  A huge online news digest website.  YummyMummyClub is a website for cool moms.   Uhh, can you put dad on the line?   He reads more than Facebook online and knew the websites and even knew who Erica Ehm was – impressive!  Of course they were both duly impressed, but somehow, my parents being impressed just wasn’t enough, so I did what any online narcissist does – I posted a link on Facebook and Tweeted a link to my freshly-pressed blog!!

Then my huz and stepson arrived home.   Oh shit!  DINNER!  (Again with the shit, I’ve developed a real written potty mouth now that I’m all YMC and HuffPost-published!) 

In my excitement, I had completely forgotten dinner prep.   Thank God I had some ground meat (lamb, beef and pork, to be exact – tweet me, it’s a great burger recipe!) in the fridge and rushed to start mashing them out.

Now just in case you think the life of a YMC and HuffPost published blogger is all that glam, let me just describe for you how the rest of my evening went:

  • Prepared aforementioned burgers, all the while wondering if a) the small cut on my baby finger would vacuum in e-coli from the raw meat, and  b) did Erica Ehm or Arianna Huffington have to make their own burgers for dinner?  Doubt it. 
  • Hinted to hubby that he would have to take me out for a nice dinner on the weekend to celebrate my accomplishment.   Then got totally depressed by the thought that we couldn’t go anywhere nice because he has a broken foot in a cast which he can only fit track pants over.   Sexy.  Not.   Kinda ruled out going dancing to celebrate, also. 
  • During dinner preparations, joined huz in a brutal discussion with stepson about the 2 minor lies that he told us this morning about the dumbest things you could ever imagine a gifted kid wanting to lie about.  This conversation continued over dinner, where at one point, I told him he was smart, funny, fun, kind and then asked him if he wanted to be the kind of person that people didn’t want to be around only because they couldn’t trust him.  Captain Sassypants (aka my daughter), not wanting to miss out on this juicy chat, replied “Yeah, you don’t want to grow up to be like daddy, do you?” effectively ending any seriousness to THAT conversation.
  • Managed to avoid cleaning up after dinner because stepson was in the doghouse and we made him do it as penance and because his dad has a broken foot and can’t complete his usual end of the “You cook/I’ll clean up” routine we normally share. 
  • Sat down to review YMC, Facebook, Twitter and HuffPost while stepson cleaned up, to see if anyone had commented.   Got loads of enthusiasm from FB friends and a few new followers on Twitter (so THAT’S what online publication gets you in payment!) and an interesting comment about me personally from a HuffPost reader who felt “It would be hard work to be married to this woman”.   Yes, I actually asked MY husband if he wrote that.  He denied it and I believe him, but he did agree with the guy.  Figures.  Now you know what my REAL inspiration for that blog was.  Tried to not let this random comment based on nothing but my written opinion about the reality of marriage bother me, but coupled with the fact that I was also wondering why Erica Ehm hadn’t followed me on Twitter yet, my sensitive ego was taking a beating.  Despite the glory of being a cyber-famous author.
  • Managed to get daughter ready for and tucked into bed with minimal drama.  This is no easy feat, considering bedtime = drama time in our house.  Even managed to not lose my cool when I helped her get undressed and realized she had peed her pants 2 minutes before sitting on the potty.   SIGH.
  • Came downstairs happily anticipating a nice glass of pinot noir and some chips, with perhaps a side of cheese and remembered I’m on Day 2 of a diet.   Yep, you guessed it – Oh. Shit. 

So, here I am pounding out my thoughts on the keyboard, trying not to think of that bag of mini-eggs in the pantry.  Baby Girl has only shouted out 3 times tonight (“I need some of your hand cream because my hands get RUSTY sometimes!”) before drifting off.  Two of my cats are curled up on the couch with me, while the 3rd waits patiently for me to get sleepy so she can hog my side of the bed all night.  My stepson is in his room reading before bed and huzbo is downstairs in his “office” (man cave) doing paperwork.   The glamorous life of a published blogger.   Did I mention I’m in my pj’s and there are 2 very full baskets of yesterday’s laundry still waiting to be put away and 3 bathrooms that I have been meaning to clean since the weekend?  Glamorous, indeed. 



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