Diversity Simplified

If you are a parent – do this activity with your kids NOW.

If you are a teacher -of ANY grade or age – make a reminder to do this with your new class ON YOUR 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL in September.


Thank you to kidsactivitiesblog.com for posting this.  I hope they don’t mind me using it here, but it’s a fantastic example and bears repeating.  Over and over and over again.  Thank you also to whomever took it from that blog and posted it on Facebook for me to come across this morning when I was supposed to be editing the blog post I had written for this week.  That post can wait.

Diversity is complicated for adults, but for kids – IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE MORE COMPLICATED THAN THIS FOLKS!

Show your kids the white egg and the brown egg.  Ask them what the difference is.  Make sure their answer refers to the appearance of the eggs.  Then crack ’em both open and ask them what the difference is on the INSIDE.  Make sure their answer is “They’re the SAME!”.

Then say these simple words:

JUST LIKE PEOPLE.  We all look different on the outside, but we are ALL the same on the inside.

We all have unique thoughts and feelings and ideas, BUT…….we ALL have thoughts, feelings and ideas.   WE ARE ALL THE SAME.

NOBODY IS BETTER.  White eggs aren’t better.  Brown eggs aren’t better.   They are the SAME.


Then go buy this book for your younger kids, because it’s AWESOME at explaining Diversity – We’re Different, We’re the Same (Bobbi Kates).



Feel free to shout all the words I’ve capitalized above (in a happy shouty voice, of course).  It’s an important message, after all.

Then live your life demonstrating this message in everything you say and everything you do.



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3 thoughts on “Diversity Simplified

  1. It amazes me where diversity raises eyebrows and where it doesn’t. I’m short, but people taller than me seem ok with that. I have brown eyes, but most blue eye people seem ok with that. It’s sad that differences beyond such extreme generalities are the superficial reasons cited by individuals who create so much hurt.

    I may need a t-shirt that says: “We are all disgusting on the inside.” My grandma used to say: “When in doubt – hug.”

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