Let’s Converse About School Shoes

School shoes are a BIG deal, aren’t they?   (Those of you wondering WHY THE HELL I’m writing about school shoes when you’re enjoying that 2 second break between end-of-school and back-to-school shopping will need to wait for it…)

Indoor shoes AND outdoor shoes are required.  NO LACES allowed for either of the shoes (because God forbid our kids learn to tie laces before Grade 4, like WE had to do when we were kids).   Indoor shoes MUST be some sort of athletic shoes for gym class (because God forbid our kids change into gym-appropriate attire for gym class like WE had to do when we were kids).

It sort of made my head spin back in September.

Plus, I resented the lack of choices.  Don’t tell me what kind of shoes MY kid can and cannot wear, thank you very much.

But I dutifully complied.  I bought a nice pair of Puma running shoes with Velcro straps for indoor shoes, and used a variety of other footwear for outdoors, depending on the weather and what my little Fashionista was wearing.  (Oh, and by the way – running shoes don’t look good with ANY fashionable outfits.)

By April, the indoor shoes were starting to feel “too snuggly” according to Baby Girl. 
Good timing, considering her birthday is in April (yeah, I’m THAT kind of mom that gives shoes as a birthday gift).

Wandering around the shoe stores, I found this ADORABLE pair of Converse “running” shoes:

Cutest pint-sized Chucks EVER!

Cutest pint-sized Chucks EVER!

I sent a pic to my brother (which is why I even have a pic of these newly-bought shoes in the 1st place) who is the Converse-owner champion, and asked if he wanted to be the cool Unco that gave Baby Girl her first pair of Chucks.

He did, so he did.

Off she marched to school in mid-April with the cutest shoes EVER.

She loved them, I loved them, the kids in her class loved them.  They were awesome.

WERE awesome.

This is what I pulled out of her backpack 2 days ago (Ya, I know school ended almost 2 weeks ago. Stop with the judging already!):

Ugliest pint-sized Chucks EVER

Ugliest pint-sized Chucks EVER

Not quite the same pair of shoes, are they?

I asked Captain Sassypants what happened to the cute little bungee-cord laces.

“They popped out”.

Where are they now?



Exactly 45 days to destroy a perfectly sweet pair of shoes.  Without any concern.

Don’t worry, seasoned mothers – lesson learned.

Shopping for ugly, fully-functional indoor shoes will commence immediately.

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