Making My Jitters Find Some Bliss

Blissdom Canada

Now that the Blissdom Canada 2013 conference is only a couple of weeks away, I’m starting to come to grips with many of my original fears about attending a social media conference for the first time.  Everyone I’ve met as a result of my decision to attend has been so friendly and supportive in welcoming me, that many of my fears seem a bit silly, to be honest.  However, in the interest of a therapeutic approach, I thought I’d put all of my fears out there for everyone to snicker at read, in the hopes that others might identify with at least a few of them!  So, in no particular order, here are my fears about attending a social media conference for the first time:

1. My social media crushes (yes, there are more than one) might not be as funny and cool IRL (in real life) as they are online.

2.  Everyone attending may not be wearing the same clothes, glasses, hairstyles and facial expressions as their Twitter/blog/Facebook profile pictures, so I might not recognize anyone.

3.  I might be using social media to listen to and read about all the great room parties I’m not invited to networking…from the discomfort of my hotel room.

4.  A certain Editor-in-Chief of one of my favorite online magazines might never publish my articles again once she finds out I wear leggings as pants, even though I wear them with my tush covered by very long shirts or dresses.

5.  I might be convinced to monetize my blog and have to take on the responsibility of actually learning how to do that.

6.  I might show up at the PJ party wearing pj’s with cats or Winnie-the-Pooh all over them, only to find everyone else in cool LuluLemon yoga wear, and feel like Bridget Jones at the Vicars and Tarts party.

7.  Somebody might witness my tech illiteracy in action.

8.  People might think I have boob envy from staring at their name badges too long while trying to recognize their name, blog or Twitter handle.

9.  The food/cooking bloggers might shun me if they find out I serve frozen chicken fingers to my family occasionally.

10.  I might wear an attractive cocktail dress and heels to the Great Canadian Outdoors party and find everyone else wearing The Bay blanket-patterned jackets, jeans and cool hiking boots.  (I might also discover I’m a bit too concerned with what to wear.)

11.  I might be the only non-runner at the conference.  I might even be the only non-walker-if-I-can-avoid-it at the conference.

12.  I might make a bunch of new friends and business connections and be so busy I have to run just to keep up.

13.  I might say something incredibly dumb to somebody incredibly smart.

14.  I might finally find some inspiration for what to do when I grow up (Phase 2), now that my daughter has reached the age of full-time schooling and left me in her dust (from the new sandbox at her school).

15.  I might meet some people in the publishing business who want to publish my work and then I’ll have to actually produce that work on a deadline, instead of whenever I can squeeze it in.

16.  I might have some of the popular bloggers/social media influencers that I’ve followed on Twitter follow me back.

17.  I might feel less like a high school kid trying to find a place to “fit in” in the social media world once I learn more about that world and actually understand what SEO and Klout scores mean.

18.  I might become a blogger conference junkie and have to find a real paying job to support multi-conference attendance.

19.  I might walk out of the ladies’ room with toilet paper stuck to my shoe, fall up or down stairs (I am a notorious klutz on stairs) or end up with a giant stress pimple on my face the day the conference begins that will draw more attention to me than my personality does.

20.  I might be convinced to step outside of my stagnated-mommy comfort zone and try something new and interesting that inspires me.

There you have it folks – neurosis at its best. (Worst?)

Stay tuned –  I will report back post-conference and let you know how it went, and whether or not this post completely destroyed my chances of having anyone talk to me… (#21)

Feel free to share your own jitters, past or present, about attending social media conferences!


4 thoughts on “Making My Jitters Find Some Bliss

  1. Thanks, Kelly! I’m sure it will turn out fine, just made this list to make fun of myself and the silly things that go through your head when you’re considering doing something outside your comfort zone!

  2. LOL – I wish I was going!! You and I could bond over #11 and #13. And please if you find out about klout – let me know!!

    You will be fine 🙂 I’m not blogging and on twitter as much as everyone else but I’ve met a couple of people, and they were the most fantastic people!!

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