My Ode to BlissDom

This may be my shortest post ever.  Those who are familiar with my written verbosity may already be excited by that takeaway alone from the BlissDom conference experience.  This is really more of an initial recap post, with no doubt more to come on the subject.

I went to the BlissDom Canada conference as a nervous newbie.  I am not shy, not even close.  However, I am uncomfortable being alone, and I envisioned a social media conference as a place where a tight-knit online community may leave a new blogger to her own devices far more than I wanted to be.

Was I ever mistaken.

Yes, I was physically alone at times: walking to my room, or in my room, or until I spent the 5 seconds it took to find a friendly face in the crowd to smile at and introduce myself to.

The bigger picture though, is that I’m NOT ALONE.  Ever.  Every emotion I feel as a human, as a mother, as a woman, as a wife, as a writer and as a social media enthusiast was validated over the 2.5 days I spent at the BlissDom conference.

I met other people who are looking to do that elusive “more” with their blog.

I met other mothers who love the bones of their children but were thrilled to spend 2.5 days apart from them and focusing on themselves for a change.

I met other grown men and women who have felt worthless and completely unmotivated to participate in their own lives at times, yet somehow managed to find the inner strength to get help and push through to grow stronger and find something to inspire them to keep moving forward.

I met powerful, intelligent men and women who have inspired me in their respective mediums, then made me shake when I was actually speaking to them in person.

I met funny, funny, people who love wine and socializing.

I met other amazing humans who have such talents but are real and also have fears and insecurities, yet were brave enough to stand up in front of a room and openly declare them, then were still modest enough to not realize that this just made them even more endearing to their audience.

I heard a man speak about hardships that would put my hardships into the picnic category, yet he provided a life-altering example of kindness and forgiveness with his ability to take his tragedy and use it in a way that others can benefit from.

I met people that reminded me that I am intelligent, beautiful, fun, interesting and talented, at a time when I was starting to forget that.

I was encouraged by people I met to believe in myself, even if nobody else on earth is.

I met humans striving to become better at what they do and who they are.

I was surrounded with acceptance and kindness.  Revelation.  Inspiration.  Motivation.  Celebration.

I was never alone.  Not then, not before and not going forward.

Is there any better definition of BlissDom?


34 thoughts on “My Ode to BlissDom

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    • Wow, Imie! What a lovely thing to say, thank you! (So glad I used those Crest Whitestrips before the conference! lol) It was a pleasure meeting you, I can tell you are a very fun, interesting woman to talk to, and I look forward to doing more of that!

  2. This is just WOW! You completely nailed it. This is probably the best post yet that I have read about Blissdom. I am so glad we got to meet and hope next time we get to chat for a longer period of time. 🙂

    • I’m flattered, Brandy. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure meeting you too (once I figured out you weren’t who I originally thought you were, sorry again about that!) and definitely looking forward to further chatting with you!

    • Not sure about you, but I felt like a butterfly emerging from a long cocoon after it was over! So happy I got to meet you IRL and that you introduced yourself – I was feeling so uncomfortable at the newbie meet-up and you eased my nerves, so thank you for that! xo

    • Ditto. Minus the cigar *cough, cough* ; )- I’m so glad you gave the shout-out for Durham bloggers during that first BlissDom Twitter party – it started a sequence of events that I think have changed the course our lives were previously on! Thank you!

  3. Meeting you was one of the highlights of blissdom for me. Thank you for talking to me many months ago when I was on the internet world talking to myself 🙂

    • Well DAMN Sharon, a couple more tears now, for a girl who prides herself on non-public crying only! Two Twitter-lonely girls, livin’ in a silent-tweet-world…they came across one another, and the rest is history. Meeting you, Erica, Ali and the rest of the YMC crew who have been so kind and supportive of my writing (and tolerant of my stalking) was one of the reasons I decided to go to BlissDom. I was saving all that for another shameless name-dropping post I have in my mind, but perhaps it’s better said here. Your talk during the Power Hour ROCKED! It was a big contributor to my overall bliss from BlissDom. xo

  4. My hubby comes running with the laptop (which is just as dangerous as running with scissors…) and says HAVE YOU READ THIS?! YOU NEED TO READ THIS! 🙂 Jackie, you nailed it! Thanks so very much for coming and sharing your adorable, dancing queen, daughter with us. You light up a room my dear! Shine on!!

    • Ok, Shannon, tears fell after this one! Thank you. YOU are the one who gently pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and buy my ticket. YOU are the one who inspired me to go for it and to let my little light shine, HANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for that. I’m so fortunate that you took an interest in my insecure little tweets about whether I should attend BlissDom or not, and so fortunate that you and the rest of the BlissDom team created a conference that could not ever compare to other conferences! Oh, and please tell your sweet husband that he at least has to go wireless if he’s going to run with laptops… ; )- HUGS xoxo

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