My Crafty Halloween Decor

It’s Halloween season!


I love to decorate our house for the various holidays and occasions – Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween.  Well, maybe the truth is – I love buying the stuff and watching Huzbo put it up!

I think this means he loves my way of decorating too...

I think this means he loves my way of decorating too…

Over the years, we’ve collected quite an array of decorations for each occasion.  Some of them fancy and expensive-looking, some of them not-so-fancy and pretty obviously not expensive.

IMG_0251 IMG_0238 IMG_0240

IMG_0237 IMG_0245 IMG_0254Fall seems to be a time of year when even the craft-challenged folks like myself suddenly feel inspired to do some sort of crafty project.  I’m not sure why that is, but I’ve seen some incredible hand-made crafts on blogs for crafty people, and I am constantly amazed by the talent, creativity and patience of those who can fabricate these decorative items.

I used to feel guilty that I wasn’t crafty like that.  I don’t search sites looking for ideas of fun crafts to do with my kids.  I don’t wander the aisles at Michael’s, filling my buggy with components of some great creation I or my children can create together.

I am a Dollarama Mama.   And no, this is not a sponsored post for Dollarama, although if they want to send me a gift card in appreciation for the plug, I’d be happy to receive it!

I love Dollarama.  Do you know why?  Because they save me brain cells, time, energy and money.  They create these awesome little craft kits that provide the needed parts of a cute craft, and my kids just open the container and DO A CRAFT!  Plus, you can’t beat the price!  For $2 tops, I get an all-in-one-package hour’s worth of occupied time for my kidlets, parental participation optional, that I didn’t have to think of or shop for.

The results are pretty sweet too:

IMG_0206 IMG_0235

I went 6 years in my first marriage without a carved pumpkin or Halloween decoration, and the day after I met Huzbo, he came to my home to carve pumpkins with me, his newly-sharpened knives wrapped in a towel.  Smarter women might have been worried by that, but I thought it was romantic that he wanted to do something with me that I had missed out on for so long.  So romantic, in fact, that “Wanna carve some pumpkins???” has taken on a whole new meaning in our house since then, but that’s an entirely different post!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Enjoy your fun, no matter how you decorate or do your crafts!

IMG_0248 IMG_0208

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