Speaking Out for Red Poppies


Let’s talk about white poppies, for a moment.  What the hell is this really all about?

I’m ok with people having a different opinion than mine, but I am struggling to understand the motivation behind this movement.

Supposedly, the colour red has been reinterpreted to glorify war, and hard core pacifists are thinking white – the colour of peace and surrender – is a much better representation to remember our veterans with.

I am not a supporter of war.  I am not a war mongerer.  Yet I have NEVER associated a red poppy with “glorifying” war.

Here’s what the red poppy means to me:  bloodshed.  Plenty of it.  Gory?  Yep.  True?  Youbetcha.   And here’s another shocking revelation:  war has bloodshed.  When innocent men and women get shot dead or maimed, it is not whiteness that flows from their bodies.

Nor was there a crop of white poppies in Flander’s Fields.  THEY.  WERE.  RED.   This is a sacred burial place for so many who sacrificed for us.  Red poppies didn’t grow there as a way to encourage humanity to run out and start another war.

Why do we need to take something that for many years, has represented something good and decent – the remembrance of soldiers who gave so much to keep our world a fairly decent place to live – and mess with that?

I don’t get it.  If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

So why are we messing with the colour of poppies?  If people REALLY want to mess with negative colour associations, why not examine the colour black and how often it’s used in the English language to represent something negative.

Has some lunatic recently been arrested for war crimes and confessed that he saw someone wearing a red poppy and it just STIRRED something in him?

Have red poppies been held up at pro-war pep rallies to incense the crowds to run out and create war because it seemed so glorious from the perspective of a small, red flower?

I think not.

So where did this crazy idea of red=glorified war come from?  And do we even care?

Let’s get real here – the colour red has been widely accepted as the colour of poppies for Remembrance Day.  There is no pressing cause to change that.  Let’s continue to show respect for our vets and fallen soldiers in the way we ALWAYS have.

To the white poppy movement folks, I leave you with this thought:  Don’t you find it rather ironic that it’s your movement towards white poppies that is actually getting people riled up and causing so much disagreement, not the red poppies themselves?


One thought on “Speaking Out for Red Poppies

  1. The red poppy symbolizes the blood shed and the lives lost during world conflicts. The red poppies grow throughout Europe on the fields where our brave men and women fought and some lost their lives. Red poppies grow through the cemeteries where our soldiers lay.
    I wear a red poppy as a sign of respect and gratitude. I wear a red poppy because that’s what our veterans wear.

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