About Jackie Gillard

DSC_1593print[1]I’ve had an interesting life; I am a second wife in my second marriage, a mother via adoption, a stepmother to my husband’s son, a retired infertility soldier, and a childhood cancer survivor. Despite all that, sometimes I’m even funny!

I’ve written for Today’s Parent (print and digital), Huffington Post Canada – Parents, YummyMummyClub.ca, The New Family (where my post helped the site earn two Canadian Online Publishing Awards), Brazenwoman.com, Life in Pleasantville, UrbanMoms, BabyPost and That’s What She Said.

Please email me at jackie(dot)gillard(at)gmail(dot)com if you’d like me to conjure up some written magic for your publication.

I also enjoy speaking publicly on various subjects.  I’ve done sessions at church groups, adoption education/training programs, and motivational seminars, so if you’re looking for someone to fascinate the audience at your next event, please email me at: jackie(dot)gillard(at)gmail(dot)com

Links to some of my writing:

  • United Church Observer:

What is the Purpose of Baptism?

Thoughts and Prayers Now Have a Bad Rap 

Humanitarian in Haiti Discusses her Work 


  • CBC Parents:

Why Racial Colour-Blindness Doesn’t Work for This Family 

Stop Touching My Child’s Hair

  • Huffington Post:

Why You Should Leave Mom Alone on Mother’s Day

When Should You Start Asking Kids’ Permission to Post About Them

Child Suicide: Ontario Parents Still want Inquest into 12-Year Old’s Death

Teaching Gratitude: Changing your Kid’s Holidays from ‘Gimme’ to Gratitude

Family New Year’s Eve Ideas that Don’t Suck

Why Moms Are Never In Family Photos

How to Help Kids Cope with Death and Funerals

Is It OK for Parents to Give Children a Peck on the Lips?

Juvenile Diabetes: 12 Myths Parents Need to Stop Believing NOW

Stepmom Advice to Making the Blended Family Thing Work

How To Have a Good Marriage

  • Today’s Parent magazine:

An Adoptive Mom is a Real Mom (digital)

The Reality of Trans-Racial Adoption (Feature article)

I Want My Kids to Know it’s OK to Masturbate (second-highest number of views in 2015 on Today’s Parent digital site)

Dealing With a Defiant Kid

Dealing with Diaper Rash

8 Tips for Teaching Kids to be More Independent

10 Truths About Adoption

Lesbian Couple Sues Sperm Bank

ALL Today’s Parent print & digital articles

  • Savvy Media Group

Is Motherhood Built on Lies or Truths? – UrbanMoms

Hemorrhoids – The Torment Nobody Wants to Talk About – The BabyPost

Are There Different Kinds of Maternal Love? – The BabyPost

How to Deal When Your Kids Decorate for the Holidays – SavvyMom

The Do’s and Don’ts of Discussing Booze with Children – UrbanMoms

  • MomResource

10 Adoption Truths from Adult Adoptees

Stop Sucking the Fun out of Halloween

How to Deal When Your Kid Hates School

We Pay Our Kids for Good Grades

  • Sponsored Posts:

Why You Shouldn’t Assume Your Child Can See Clearly

10 Easy Ways to Inspire Curiosity

How to Make Your Child’s Party More Meaningful 

Why the LeapFrog LeapReader Rocks!

Give a Gift that Gives Back

  • PR

Deerhurst Resort – Girlfriend’s Getaway Weekend

Top 10 Girlfriends

How I Reignited a Friendship 

Run Away to Deerhurst Resort

  • Interviews/Reviews/Giveaways:

Dave Thomas Foundation

Ross Petty’s The Little Mermaid

Ipsita Paul’s I’m Awesome Because

  • The New Family – #1000FamiliesProject

Link to Written Post and Podcast Interview

  • Essays and Posts of Note

Our Daughter is NOT our Maid

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – Is Motherhood Built on Lies or Truth?  – UrbanMoms

Are There Different Kinds of Maternal Love? – The BabyPost

Why Parenting Labels Suck

On Being a Juror at a Sex Assault Trial

On Childhood Cancer

Black History Month and the Lesson of the Black Angel

What Surprised me Most About Motherhood (Runner-up Winner of YummyMummyClub Playtex Mommyville Writing Contest)


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